Next STAN workshop: Vienna, 24-25 June 2019 CANCELLED!

Maybe also interesting for you:
ISWA - TU Wien Summer School on Energy and Fuels from Solid Waste (Vienna, 9-20 September 2019)
This summer school will include a one-day introduction to STAN.

If you are interested in organizing a STAN workshop in your country feel free to contact us!

Past workshops:

(DE ... German Language, EN ... Englisch Language)

2006-11-16     Vienna (Austria), Sponsors, DE
2007-02-28   Vienna (Austria), ÖWAV, DE
2007-10-22   Linz (Austria) , OÖ Academy for Environment and Nature, DE
2007-11-15/16   Vienna (Austria), Academic Staff, DE
2009-06-09   Vienna (Austria), Sponsors, DE
2009-06-16   Leoben (Austria), Academy of Technology, DE
2010-03-10   Vienna (Austria), DE
2010-11-23   Nice (France), Technofi, EN
2011-09-22/23   Vienna (Austria), DE
2012-04-12/13   Lahti (Finland), University, EN
2012-09-04   Vienna (Austria), ISWA Summer School, EN
2013-03-26/27   Vienna (Austria), DE
2013-05-06/07   Wageningen (Netherlands), EN
2013-06-04/05   Lahti (Finland), Envitecpolis Ltd., EN
2013-11-05   Brugg (Switzerland), FHNW, DE
2013-11-21   Tampere (Finland), Envitecpolis Ltd., EN
2014-06-02/03   Vienna (Austria), EN
2015-06-18/19/20   Accra (Ghana), EN
2015-06-29/30   Vienna (Austria), EN
2015-11-26/27   Oldenburg (Germany), DE
2015-12-09/10   Wädenswil (Switzerland), DE
2016-04-08   Montreal (Canada), EN, via Skype
2016-06-09/10   Vienna (Austria), EN
2016-09-05/06   Vienna (Austria), ISWA Summer School on MFA, EN
2017-08-03/04   Bangkok (Thailand), EN, via Skype
2018-06-25/26   Vienna (Austria), EN
2018-12-11/12   Veitsch (Austria), RHI Magnesita, DE
2019-02-11/12   Makerere University Kampala (Uganda), EN


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