Data Import and Export

Here you find information about the following topics:

Open Data Explorer

Toolbar of Data Explorer

Group Data Sets

Data sets can be grouped hierarchically by certain fields (= column headings).

  1. Drag the column heading you want to group by into the grey grouping area above.
  2. If a grouping hierarchy already exits, decide where to insert the column heading.
  3. Repeat the procedure until you have created the desired hierarchy.
  4. To change the hierarchy, drag one of column headings to another position in the grouping area.
  5. To remove a column heading from the hierarchy, drag it to any place in the data sets area.


Sort Data Sets

  1. To sort data sets by certain fields (= column headings), click the according column headings.
  2. To include other fields in the sorting procedure, click additional column headings by simultaneously pressing SHIFT.


Select Data Sets

Edit STAN Data

ATTENTION: To edit data, the edit mode has to be switched on and input data  have to be displayed.

  1. Select a cell in the data grid.
  2. Enter a text or a number (and optionally a unit directly behind the number), respectively.


Copy STAN Data Sets to Clipboard

  1. Optional: Group and sort data sets.
  2. Select the desired data sets.  
  3. To copy the rows to the clipboard, click  or press CTRL+C.


Insert Data Sets from Clipboard into STAN Data Table

  1. Select the target area (rules see select data sets).
  2. To insert the data sets from clipboard into the STAN data table, click  or press CTRL+V.
  3. Click OK or Apply.


Export Data to Excel

  1. Copy data sets from STAN data table to clipboard.
  2. Switch to Excel, select a cell and press CTRL+V to insert the data sets from clipboard into Excel.


Import Data from Excel

  1. In the Excel table, select a block of cells containing data.
  2. Press CTRL+C to copy this data block to the clipboard.
  3. In the STAN data table, click the upper left cell of the region where you want to insert the data block.
  4. Click  or press CTRL+ V to insert the data block from the clipboard into the STAN data table.


Export Data to File

  1. On the bottom of the STAN data table, click Export.
  2. Choose which data (system, flows, processes, flow values, transfer coefficients, stock values, stock delta) you want to export.
  3. Enter path, name and extension (csv, .txt) of file(s).
  4. Choose from options if you want to export column headings and/or hidden columns (e.g. calculated data).
  5. Click OK.

Check Imported Data


Close Data Explorer