Web Service

Under http://stan2web.net a web platform can be reached that enables the exchange of STAN files between users. All necessary functions can be accessed via Internet toolbar.


Here you find information about the following topics:

Login into STAN Portal

In order to access the STAN portal directly from STAN, you have to be registered on the platform http://www.stan2web.net.

  1. Click  to log-in into the STAN Portal.
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Click OK.



Load File from STAN Portal

  1. Click  to open the dialog window for loading web files.
  2. A list of your own web files will be displayed. If you want to additionally display published files from other users untick show own documents only.
  3. Enter a search term into the search field and click  to refresh the view. A list of files will be displayed that contain the search term in its file name, keywords (names of used periods and layers) or system description.
  4. Choose a file by double-clicking or select a file and click OK.



Save File to STAN Portal

  1. Click  to save the active STAN file to the web portal.


Change Release State of Web File

To grant other users access to your files, you have to release them.

  1. Click  to change the release state of your web file.
  2. Choose Released from the dropdown list.
  3. Click OK.



Delete File from STAN Portal

  1. Click  to delete a non-published web file from the STAN portal.


  1. Click  to open the dialog window for loading web files.
  2. Select a non-published file and press DEL.
  3. Click OK to confirm the appearing warning message.


Query Meta Information from STAN Portal

You can check if your STAN file meets the uploading criteria.

  1. Click  to display meta information of the active file.

Query Document Information

  1. Click  in the Data Input toolbar to display file information.


Add User Defined Keywords

  1. On the Model-Explorer window, click the name of the system.
  2. On the Properties window, add keywords to the description of your system.