STAN was developed at the Research Unit for Waste and Resource Management at TU Wien under the direction of Helmut Rechberger. The mastermind behind STAN is Oliver Cencic, who created the mathematical, methodological and practical foundations for the design of STAN. The actual programming work was done by Alfred Kovac (inka software).

STAN (short for subSTance flow ANalysis) is a freeware that helps to perform material flow analysis according to the Austrian standard ÖNorm S 2096 (Material flow analysis - Application in waste management). 

STAN enables the building of graphical models by using predefined components (processes, flows, system boundary, text fields). After the input or import of known data (mass flows, stocks, concentrations, transfer coefficients) for different layers (good, substance, energy) and periods, unknown quantities can be computed. All flows can be displayed in Sankey-style, i.e. the width of a flow is proportional to its value. The graphical picture of the model can be printed or exported. For data import and export, Microsoft Excel is used as an interface.

Specialists have the possibility to consider data uncertainties. The calculation algorithm uses mathematical statistical tools such as data reconciliation and error propagation.

STAN is available in German and English. Note that STAN works on Windows operating systems only.

Funded by: ARA - Altstoff Recycling Austria - voestalpine - Lebensministerium - Federal States of Austria

Published by: TU Wien, Institute for Water Quality and Resource Management

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