Frequently Asked Questions cover all the topics that have not been covered by the manual.

Can I open old STAN files (*.mfa, *.xmfa)?

Yes, you can. Only if you are using a 64-bit operating system you might encounter problems.

STAN uses a new file format (*.zmfa = compressed XML code). In order to open old STAN files (*.mfa, *.xmfa) you have to start STAN in 32-bit mode. To do this click Stan32.exe in the installation folder. Old files will be automatically converted into *.zmfa format when opened.

If you save these files again they will be stored in format *.zmfa. These files can not be opened with old STAN versions!

If you click the STAN icon on your desktop STAN will start in 32-bit or 64-bit mode depending on your operating system (=default setting).

Why cannot I log into the stan2web database directly from the STAN interface?

22-04-2014: Due to changes in the password encryption system of Joomla (that's the platform where is running on) it is not possible anymore to access the stan2web database with STAN 2.5.1103 or older. Please download the latest STAN version (we fixed this problem starting with STAN 2.5.1201).

23-10-2020: Due to the migration of our website to a new server and the installation of a security certificate (https://), it is necessary to change a line in the Stan.exe.config (under C:\Program Files (x86)\inka software\STAN 2.6.801\) to be able to access the database directly from the STAN interface:


In the next version of STAN, this change will be implemented automatically.

Is it possible to run STAN on a Mac/Linux operating system?

No, STAN was designed for Windows operating systems only.